About Tangerine Hookah

Four friends were enjoying hookah one night and came across and discussed the idea as well as the need for an chic hookah lounge with a contemporary twist. The inspiration which started off as a tiny little seed grew stronger every time they would meet. Gradually things started to fall in to place. After months of research and work, the biggest break trough was made when the group finalized a location for their project and in November 2009 a leas was signed and the first steps towards Tangerines upcoming was finally set in place. Three months later, February 2010 the doors for our venue open to the public and the accomplishment has proven that San Jose’s Hookah Smokers had longed for something diverse and refined to take place.

Our mission statement is to provide our patrons with service and prestige when entering the doors of Tangerine Hookah Bar, the newest and most exclusive venue in Downtown San Jose, Ca. Tangerines contemporary blaze welcomes guests to a bright and colorful nighttime fantasy. This lavishing San Jose venue revolutionizes the Shisha industry by redefining the way Hookah-Smokers view quality evening entertainment.

Enjoy your night:
Abi, Nino